SONG PREMIERE: Mythical Motors Go For Poppy Melodies and Left of the Dial Rock Sound on “Hurtling Towards Home”

Chattanooga, TN band Mythical Motors have been chugging away since 2006, honing a  lo-fi garage pop sound that draws influences from venerable acts like Guided By Voices, The Clean, Wire, R.E.M, and Superchunk among many others. That being said, these guys have always steadfastly refused to linger in any one vein of music. If there is one goal in mind, it’s to create music that feels instantly familiar. The band members accomplish all of this by weaving a wide net of surrealistic narratives that tackle subjects including history, traveling, and dream paralysis. Incorporating bits of jangle pop, post-punk, psychedelic folk, and even some hints of prog rock, Mythical Motors combine their influences to create a swirling and mesmeric array of sounds and textures.

Through a shared musical association, each band member brings their own interpretations of these collective influences to bear on the band’s music. Whether it’s a slightly skewed version of the pop that’s a direct descendant from the British Invasion of the ‘60s or the serrated post punk edges of bands like Gang of Four or Magazine, Mythical Motors explore these sounds in an expansive and fully inclusive manner.

On December 15th the band will release their 10th (believe it!) album, The Life Stage, and today Glide is sharing “Hurtling Towards Home”, one of the album’s standout tracks. In listening you are immediately grabbed by the tune’s poppy melodies with a tight rock and roll sound that is simultaneously care-free. There’s a sort of looseness here that only exists in the best bar bands, as if the musicians are each lovingly throwing their parts into the pot to create something that can only work with their particular aesthetic. The song also has a left of the dial sound, bringing to mind indie and college rock acts of the late 80s and early 90s.


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