SONG PREMIERE: Bummerville Embrace Melodic Garage Punk Sound With “Time That It Takes”

Daniel Brady Lynch is the creative mind behind Chicago-based rock and roll outfit Bummerville, and on January 26th they will drop an album of select songs via Graveface Records. The band’s debut self-titled album, as well as all Bummerville music, was written and recorded piece by piece, on the spot at the time of its creation. This spontaneous and sometimes thoughtless songwriting process is the backbone of Bummerville and its contents. Within the context of writing for several different projects with their own independent personas, a project such as this is pivotal in developing and evolving ideas while moving around barriers of production. The result of this approach is surprisingly melodic music that is as rooted in punk as it is in garage rock.

This album, as well as newer and older music will be performed by Daniel Brady Lynch on synth, guitar and vocals, accompanied by his brother Derek Lynch on bass guitar, Joshua Sterno on rhythm guitar, and Jonathan Graham on drums for an east coast tour in early 2018.

Today Glide is excited to premiere, “Time That It Takes”, one of the standout tunes on Bottom Feeder. “Time That It Takes” features heavy riffing with harmonic vocals that bring to mind the punchy, lo-fi grooving rock of peers like Parquet Courts. Staying true to his punk roots, Daniel Lynch keeps the song short and sweet, coming in at just under two minutes while still leaving a lasting impression. In contrast to their band name, the song makes Bummerville sound like a real good time, best enjoyed at a basement show or in a rowdy dive.  

Reflecting on the song, Daniel Lynch says:
“‘Time That it Takes’ was the first song I wrote for Bummerville. It was the first time I had recorded all of the parts intended for a full band. Besides solo work – which is generally electronic or experimental – any time I write full band music I’m working with other people. It’s something I’m sure I could have done by myself at some point, but I always chose to work with other people. I think that’s what I’m writing about here, but I can’t be 100% sure. I don’t write with a lot of intent. Things usually make sense later.”


Bummerville releases Bottom Feeder on Grave Face Records on January 26. For more music and info visit them on Bandcamp. 

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