SONG PREMIERE: Silverplanes Fly High With Catchy Alt-Rocker “Come Back”

Silverplanes is the working moniker of one Aaron Smart, singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/engineer, all around Renaissance dood and mensch. The group is currently planning on releasing a series of 3 EPs, the first of which is already out and the second of which, Bombadier, coming in March.

Veteran producer Jack Douglas committed to the project almost immediately after Smart’s engaging canon was put before him. The process of recording this new body of work consisting of more songs than should be crammed onto a single album, took a handful of months. It was then collectively decided that the tracks would be best served up over 3 separate releases…

Expect 2 subsequent releases, both produced by Douglas, to roll out over the next handful of months into 2018, respectively mixed by Jay Messina (Aerosmith, KISS and Supertramp), then Geoff Emerick, who helmed the recordings of an obscure Britpop group called, y’know, The Beatles. All three EPs find Smart, who sings and plays drums and rhythm guitar, anchoring a studio band comprised of bassist Billy Mohler, guitarists Jason Johnson, Randy Ray Mitchell and Sean Woolstenhulme, and keyboardist Matt Rohde.

Today Glide is premiering the song “Come Back”, which is a straight up, heartfelt, 90s-inspired alt-rock tune, a bit of Weezer, a bit of the Pumpkins with top shelf songwriting chops and a distinctive voice/personality. The song explodes with the kind of catchy chorus that would have made it a monster hit in the radio heydays of the 90s. It also establishes Smart as a talented singer capable of dynamic range as he puts everything he has into the song’s final verses. 

Reflecting on the meaning behind the song, Smart says, “‘Come Back’ is a song about a person who knows they are wrong, knows they are addicted to power and can’t seem to come back to their senses and do the right thing, (a crooked CEO, a wacko president, a partner that loves themselves more than the other person involved) and also that struggle of growing old and not being able to turn around what you have done not ever being able to ‘go home’. You can never go home.”


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