SONG PREMIERE: The Fleeting Ends Seamlessly Blend Pop and Electro-Funk On “How Much Longer”

The Fleeting Ends are a group of Philadelphia native musicians that have reformed and reclaimed the name after the original lineup parted ways in 2014. Frontman/guitarist/songwriter Matt Vantine took off for San Francisco after the group split and began establishing himself as a solo act. Upon returning home in 2017, he met singer-songwriters Michael Kahana and Anthony DeSalvatore Jr. at an open mic and together, they began hashing out Vantine’s songs with three part harmonies and arrangements that harken back to some of the greats that they all mutually adore such as The Smiths, The Beatles, with a funk twist reminiscent of 80’s groups like INXS.

Now the new lineup of the band is getting ready to release their album I Know You Lie Cos So Do I, which is out on February 16. Today Glide is premiering the tune “How Much Longer”, a pop-tacular that brings to mind the electro-funk of Chromeo and bouncy joy of Passion Pit. Accompanied by some electrifying disco rhythm guitar, lead singer Matt Vantine dishes out soulful, optimistic vocals as he sings about looking yearning for love. “How Much Longer” shows there is little denying that The Fleeting Ends know how to serve up delicious morsels of pop goodness.


The Fleeting Ends release I Know You Lie Cos So Do I on February 16. For more music and info visit their Facebook page

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