VIDEO PREMIERE: Bonnie Montgomery Offers Soft But Forceful Vocals and Full Country Treatment on “Forever”

Upon first listening to Bonnie Montgomery, it’s easy to mistakenly assume that you’ve stumbled upon a long-buried track by a legend from the golden era of country western music. Such is the artistry of this Arkansas native and silver-voiced songstress. Her story is of her journey, but she presents it through a folk/bluegrass/country perspective that’s traditional and timeless.

With Forever, her second full-length album, which was released on February 16th, Montgomery once again delves into classic country sounds and storytelling. “It’s a concept album inspired by Willie Nelson’s Phases and Stages,” Montgomery says. “The songs are about life on the road, loss, and the mysticism of West Texas. We recorded it with love and magic in Austin, Texas, at Dale Watson’s Ameripolitan Studios.”

Montgomery’s stunning vocal chops and ability to draw listeners in with her natural songwriting talent should come as no surprise: her musical roots run deep. Brought up among the never-ending sound of music that flowed through her family’s Arkansas music store, her childhood was heavily steeped in Ozark bluegrass, Texas swing, Delta blues, as well as gospel and rock and roll. Surrounded by talented musicians that ran the gamut from performers on the original Sun Records to bluegrass greats and opera singers, Montgomery expanded her musical horizons and began performing whenever possible. Though she clearly gravitates towards a country sound, Montgomery is classically trained, which gives her a formidable edge in the world of country music.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the video for “Forever”. Montgomery’s soft but forceful vocals bring to mind respected country and Americana stalwarts like Laura Cantrell. Her voice is complemented by plenty of fiddle and twang from a peddle steel guitar, a swirling cocktail of outlaw country, honky tonky and folk. Montgomery’s vocal delivery and the tightness of her band make the song go down like a smooth shot of bourbon. In listening to “Forever” – and really the whole album for that matter – it is clear Montgomery is an artist capable of making waves.    

Reflecting on the song, Montgomery has this to say:


“This song is the heart of our concept album, and recurs throughout the record in different variations and instrumentation. The band version of it has the full country treatment — soaring fiddles, gliding steel guitar, and a very ‘Highwaymen’ western guitar in the shadows. The song gallops forward on a plateau of dusty stars and the endless ethereal night sky of west Texas, celebrating the non-material and spiritual side of life.”


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