Doves: Some Cities

In the piano-driven first single “Black and White Town” on Some Cities, the Doves appear to hold more of a resemblance to Joe Jackson than their Brit contemporaries of Radiohead and Coldplay. This third release from Doves holds an obvious departure from their prior two epic releases, as the eleven songs feature more live arrangements verse the overdub experiments of Doves past. Songs rooted in soul that haven’t been presented in Doves studio efforts illustrate a ray of country sun over their gray Manchester landscape.

Some Cities features a magnetic appeal with dreamy vocals courtesy of Jimi Goodwin, chirping guitars by Jez Williams on “Almost Forgot Myself” and the Radiohead virtuosity of “One Of These Days.” Mirroring the sound of other mope rockers, The Dears, Goodwin adds a Morrissey touch, but Doves arm themselves with a cannon of Brit-pop hooks like the space rock synth choir of “Snowden” or the convincing melody of “Sky Starts Falling.” Over the course of three albums, Doves are legitimately proving that if there was not a Coldplay, they may very well be the next great Brit sensation.

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