Civil Twilight: Holy Weather


What differentiates Civil Twilight’s latest record Holy Weather from their debut record is a lesser fascination inside the storied characterization the lyrics set themselves within.  You could picture what was occurring in the minds of the musicians through what was presented, and it was exciting.  That element has become less frequent on this record, or at least less sophisticated.  The completeness to Human, Civil Twilight’s debut as it was originally released as, was evident because of the commonality the songs shared in terms of their themes and each told a story within itself.  The record made sense and collectively had major substance within the level of detail, speaking metaphorically. 

Civil Twilight’s live performance has been captivating because of their aggressiveness and intensity at certain times which was revealed on songs like “Anybody Out There” and “Perfect Stranger,” while also remaining controlled in their softer toned pieces.  That fully arranged sound doesn’t become alive with this new type of sound, but it does exist in select sections.  Overproduction of added layering has clouded the perspective of something that can even reach that level, and on this new record, the closest that comes to that style is “Fire Escape,” the leading single off the album.  “Fire Escape” does represent the sound that Civil Twilight has the potential to excel upon.  Reducing more of the cluttered orchestration on this album would bring clarity to some of the message that is trying to be presented.

“Every Walk That I’ve Taken Has Been In Your Direction” is a track that represents the oceanic influenced sound Civil Twilight’s mellow sided complexion embodied.  That familiarity equalizes their sound to balance the edge with the component of floating.  “Comfort is over rated, give me something faded,” sings Steven McKellar on “Sweet Resistance.”  Lyrically and instrumentally, the hope is for Civil Twilight to not let that potential fade out of focus and to regain fulfillment.       


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