VIDEO PREMIERE: Steff and the Articles Make Powerful Statement With Sultry R&B Tune “Nothing Left”

Steff and the Articles

Founded in 2009, Steff and the Articles came together after singer-songwriter Steff Koeppen assembled the group to bring her piano-based songs to life. The band produces music that touches on jazz, classical, and folk styles while maintaining an accessible, pop-oriented sound. They’ve opened up for national acts such as A Great Big World, Holychild, and Copeland (whose most recent record Ixora features Steff).

In 2017 Steff and the Articles released their full-length album Timekeeper, which marked their poppiest effort to date. The album mixes Steff’s soulful voice and piano prowess with an indie pop sound to create a collection of poignant and infectious songs. Today Glide is premiering the band’s new video for “Nothing Left”, one of the standout songs on Timekeeper. Shot in black and white, the song features a slow groove accompany Steff, who taps into a soulful R&B sound. Her band mates back her with sultry harmonies while the sensual vibe of the video and music is accompanied by a downright steamy trumpet solo. The song showcases not just the talent of Steff Koeppen, but also the tightness of her band and their ability to craft morsels of pop goodness. 

Sharing some insight on the song, Steff says, “‘Nothing Left’ is a song about the fear of growing older as a female in our society. It’s a reaction to the pressure and anxiety I started to feel about my place in the music and entertainment industry, and the notion that a woman’s worth is limited to her youth.”


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