VIDEO PREMIERE: Graveltooth Throw a Kickass Rock and Roll Party With “Can’t Slow Down”

Graveltooth hails from Hudson Bend, TX. Their sound takes an old school, down and dirty approach to rock and roll, with heartfelt lyrics and soulful grooves that often venture into psychedelic terrain. With their debut full-length album Can’t Slow Down (releasing on July 6), Graveltooth has managed to capture lightning in a bottle as they balanced their talent as songwriters alongside the instrumental prowess and free-wheeling delivery that has made them such an explosive live act. Chris “Frenchie” Smith, the Grammy-nominated Austin-based producer known for his work with acts like Built to Spill, The Toadies, Jet, Meat Puppets and a slew of local favorites, was the perfect pick to help Graveltooth harness their energy in the studio. The result is a powerhouse rock’n roll album with a unique ebb and flow and a sort of humanity that ties all the songs together.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the new video for the title track on Can’t Slow Down. The song itself is the embodiment of Graveltooth’s proudly retro rock and roll sound, a sound that takes the listener back to a time when band’s got together for fun, plugged in their instruments, and rocked the fuck out. It also connects the listener to the band’s home turf of Hudson Bend, the lakeside community outside of Austin, Texas where most of the band members grew up. The laid back environment influences the band’s sound, which is funky and rocking and gives zero shits, bringing to mind the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top among many others. This band has always had a sense of humor, and the video portrays the strenuous training regiment that comes with soaking up the sun by the lake, swilling Lone Star Beer, and throwing a kickass party at all times.  

Talking about the song, some of the band members offer up their own stories:

“This is a Graveltooth summer party anthem. Feels like summer. We shot this video on one of the first hot days of summer, and one of our summer rituals is taking our old crusty blue jeans and cutting them into JORTS. Graveltooth is basically jort rock. Deal with it.” –says bassist Evan Bozarth

“Most of the band grew up around the Lake Travis area, pool parties and spiked punch and dirt bikes- that’s our childhood. So we wanted to capture that feeling in this video.” – Songwriter Curtis Pierce

“The video shoot ended abruptly when our friend Grego tried to spin warp-speed on the stripper pole, it broke free from the ceiling and launched him across the room, almost decapitated one of the girls and put a hole in the drywall…so the whole ‘Can’t Slow Down’ idea got very real for us at that moment!” -Keyboardist Dustin Bozarth


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