VIDEO PREMIERE: George Hadfield Takes Listeners On Synth Voyage Via “Treadmill”

Minneapolis based songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist George Hadfield released his new album Brenda on June 8th: a futuristic throwback of mid-tempo meditations. Taking Hadfield’s groove-based synth-pop sound into funkier landscapes, the songs explore love, addiction, recovery, and trying to find peace in an increasingly chaotic world.

Hadfield has written music for film and TV, and established himself as a notable session bassist and sideman in the legendary Minneapolis music scene. In 2015 he released his first EP, Secret Tapes, combining his love of analog synths, pop, hip-hop, funk and R&B. The title track was listed in the ‘Top 89 Local Songs 2015’ by MPR’s indie tastemakers, The Current. Spotify France featured the track ‘Never Told A Lie’ on their ‘Song Of The Day’ playlist.

Brenda was written, produced, and recorded by Hadfield, Danny O’Brien, Garrett Neal, and Stefon “Bionik” Taylor. The album was mixed by O’Brien and Taylor, and mastered by Huntley Miller. Hadfield will celebrate the release of the album with a home-town show June 14th at Icehouse in Minneapolis.

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “Treadmill” (below) a whimsical landscape of electronic musicality that invigorates with modern in the pocket nuances. With the “Treadmill” video, Hadfield displays a mature creative vision that rides a brisk indie crest that is both audible and visually bold.

“Treadmill is a song about meditating in the middle of chaos, pleasure-seeking, and never being enduringly gratified,” says Hadfield about the track. “Musically it encapsulates everything I love in a song: funky grooves, badass bass lines, weird jazzy harmonies and chord changes, analog synths.”

Video Credits

Video by Jeremy Ylvisaker, additional photography by Al Church, light contraption (“Dave’s Novascope”) by Tommy Rhebein, additional lighting by M Ylvisaker.”

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