Jaden Smith Releasing New LP ‘Syre: The Electric Album’ On IGTV

To celebrate his 20th birthday on July 8th, Jaden Smith released his new album Syre: The Electric Album. Smith is definitely known for his creativity and innovative talent. But, for the release of his new album, Smith decided to make the album exclusively for IGTV but will hit streaming services July 12th.

 IGTV is essentially Instagram, but is built for videos longer than 60 seconds. This app was just launched back on June 20th, so it’s quite impressive Smith decided to take this unique route with his new album. For IGTV/Instagram it’s a bit of a risk. Especially, since Youtube is still around and as popular as ever. But, Smith has paved the way for other artists to take this alternate route for their video releases or album releases. 

 With that being said, not all artists should choose this route. It takes a completely new level of creativity and perseverance in order to execute this kind of releases successfully. But, artists like Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean amongst others are capable of pulling this off as well. Smith has instilled his brand “MSFTS” within all of the entertainment business and wants to inspire young innovators and creatives to follow through with their dreams. He does just that with his new Electric album.


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