The Sleazeball Orchestra Win With Their Unique Stamp Of Sleazy Stripper Jazz On ‘I Ain’t In Love No More ‘ (ALBUM REVIEW

The Sleazeball Orchestra proudly proclaim they play sleazy stripper jazz and any burlesque show with this soundtrack should be honored as I Ain’t In Love No More manages to blend quirky modern day love troubles with classic acoustic jazz offerings in a satisfying way. The album is a mix of originals and covers as the group gets down and dirty playing classics and deep cuts with both reverence and whimsy.

Starting with the quintets original tunes that sense of playfulness is at the forefront as Kitty Baudoin (aka Fraulein Frances) leads the charge with her breathy vocals. On the opening title track, she sings of resilience in the face of a broken heart (and broken electronics) while a fluid bass solo from Stoo Odom takes center stage. The rhythm continues with excellent drums from Aaron Walker on the Odom love ode “Indispensable” while the guitar runs from Dylan Torrance are showcased in the best original tune from the players, “Deadbeat Heart”.  That track starts as straight old timey jazz but swells to something grander as Baudoin and Odom work together to free the moon from being beaten in a shed, quite an adventure.

The cover versions vary in selection, presentation and performance. The players twisted take on “Alabama Song” allows Baudoin to get frisky in a carnival barker fashion, adding a sense of playfulness which also shows up in the barking backups during the jazz standard “No Moon at All”, one of the best full-band efforts on the record.

The group keeps looking to the heavens and Sun Ra for inspiration on “Interplanetary Music” which contains some excellent guitar work before the duet vocal take on “Besame Mucho” whispers/yells with glee. The torch song of “Wild Is the Wind” is less successful as Baudoin vocals and the bands delivery work better in light-hearted acoustic jazz numbers than serious turns.

The album closer is the groups take on the James Bond theme song “You Only Live Twice” and while Baudoin leads the vocal way, it is the dynamite trumpet work of Johnathan Bauer that shines brightest, ending the record with a flourish. The Sleazeball Orchestra is just as happy working with both the high and low brow on their debut release, I Ain’t In Love No More.  

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