SONG PREMIERE: Old Faith Go For Expansive, Post-Rock Sound With “Reunion”

These mountains have a song to sing. They spin tales of tragedy, defeat, of hope and overcoming. Are you listening?

Having spent significant years of their lives nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, Old Faith is a band that captures the soundtrack of triumph and contradiction that comes with the terrain. Their dynamic song crafting takes listeners through the passes, valleys, and peaks of a life well-lived. The rhythm section of David Beale (drums) and Josh Iddings (bass) sets the heartbeat, speeding up, slowing down, pushing the listener to keep up. Andrew Schools (guitar) provides the texture, a canvas brushed thick with the sounds of swelling crescendo, a glimpse at the clouds ahead and an ascent shortly conquered. Stephen Baker (guitar) captures the bright colors, the echoing of a breeze through trees, ever-changing and challenging the listener to venture just a little further.

Old Faith began their journey together in the summer of 2013, originally under the moniker Bombardier, releasing two acclaimed EPs, You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are and Liminality in the years to follow. Now, Old Faith is a fresh start for old friends, a reunion ignited by the tragic passing of David’s father, David Brian Beale, Sr., “Buck” to all who knew him. Often in life, we find strength in returning to our roots, finding home, and restoring an old faith in each other. The band’s new self-titled album album (out September 14 on Refresh Records) is a celebration of that friendship and the life of Buck, who brought them all back together.

To make the album, the band paired up once again with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business to capture and mix their dynamic sound. They enlisted TW Walsh (Pedro the Lion, Sufjan Stevens) to master the record, fitting together the story soundscape, from mountain valley and back again.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Reunion”, one of the album’s standout tracks. The instrumental track is composed of huge, sprawling soundscapes as the band conjures up feelings of darkness and light, taking the listener on a sort of journey through highs and lows. In true post-rock fashion, the band uses their instruments to create a sort of meditative state, going from quiet to loud and constantly building towards a climax. Their sound brings to mind acts like Mogwai, Tortoise and Explosions in the Sky, and it’s easy to picture them playing a massive stage with a mind-bending light show. 


For more music and info check out Old Faith on Facebook


Photo credit: Marcelo Asher Quarantoto

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