The posts have been coming fast and furious, like Tony Romo’s tears. So here’s a recap of what you may or may not have missed ’round these here parts this week:

  • The reviews from New Year’s Eve were rolling in all week: We continued the Trey Anastasio overload with a recap of his Atlantic City party; and Scotty brought us into the Aragon for Umphrey’s McGee’s throwdown and his virginal awakening to Los Lobos.
  • Earlier this week the Whitehall courts spilled the truth, and Trey is hoping not to go from The Horse > Silent in the Jail Cell. Yup, that really was heroin in Big Red’s swerving automobile.
  • In Rick Dees (nuts) fashion, we counted down the Great Performances of 2006, the 10 best shows I caught last year.
  • The Allman Brothers Band announced this year’s springtime run at the Beacon Theater, and we kangfirmed that Derek Trucks would be in the ABB lineup as opposed to freezing his arse off out west with Eric Clapton.
  • The Nancy Pelosi Presents Jam hits daylight: video and pictures emerge
  • The Police consider a reunion for their 30th anniversary — when asked for comment, Ice Cube simply said “Fuck tha Police.”
  • Get yer denim jackets out for this one: What are the best Hair-Band Power Ballads of all-time? We counted down the 10 best, and it spread ’round the cyberwebs like nobody’s business. That’s right, nobody’s.

For the record, five friends and I took the 12-1 prop bet that there’d be a safety in Saturday night’s NFC Wild Card game, and if you’d seen the excitement in the room when the Seahawks picked one up in the end zone after Terry Glenn’s fumble, you’d know that “Bet on Team Safety” is now a must-make wager when you’re with a big group of friends. There’s nothing like six guys making that stupid Walk Like an Egyptian safety signal call in the name of a bet won. Awesome.

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