SONG PREMIERE: Drew Beskin Goes Left of The Dial For Poppy Rocker “Suspicion from the Start”

Drew Beskin has been part of the Athens, GA music scene for nearly 10 years. After fronting bands such as The District Attorneys, Party Dolls, and PURSES, Beskin released his David Barbe produced debut solo album, Cha-Ching Machine, in the spring of 2017. On October 19 Beskin quickly returns with a new batch of 11 songs for an album titled Nostalgia Porn once again produced by Barbe at the legendary Chase Park Transductions Studio. Nostalgia Porn is a commentary on the state of music today and how people easily to compare new music to something older. At 31 years young, the prolific songwriter is waisting no time getting new material out and doesn’t seem to care if a song sounds like Badfinger, Big Star or Oasis. All that matters is the song at its core.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the new single “Suspicion from the Start”. In the same left of the dial fashion that Athens, Georgia is known for, the song brings to mind the jangly power pop that put the town on the map in the 80s. But more than that, Beskin’s straightforward approach to writing rock songs recalls a time when bands with simple yet interesting songs could get radio play. While the song is clearly a guitar-driven rocker, the addition of piano gives it that Southern edge with just the right amount of soul.    

Drew Beskin shares his own story behind the song:

“I had just finished my first solo album (2017’s Cha-Ching Machine) and wasn’t really planning on rushing home to write new songs but hooks started invading my brain. The title and chorus for ‘Suspicion from the Start’ came to me and just would not leave. That happened with a few other songs really quickly and before I knew it I had prepared a new album I wasn’t even planning on making. I made these really raw apartment demos with producer Drew Vandenberg (Of Montreal, Toro Y Moi, Ra Ra Riot) where I played all of the instruments which really helped me learn how to better craft an album before hitting the studio with the band and producer David Barbe (Deerhunter, Drive By Truckers, New Madrid). ‘Suspicion from the Start’ started off way slower but the band and Barbe turned it into a really fun pop rock song. It is a song we are all really proud of.” 


Drew Beskin releases Nostalgia Porn on October 19. For more music and info visit

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