VIDEO PREMIERE: Phoenix’s Wyves Create Rollicking View Into Trump’s Winter ‘White House’ On “Mar-a-Lago”

Since forming in 2015, Wyves has developed a memorable sound and unmistakable edge that you will gravitate towards. Filtering inspirations from the likes of Prince, The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys, the Arizona-based band manages to make you feel nostalgic for all the great rock bands while having a fresh, distinct sound at the same time.

A testament to the current craziness of society, Wyves shreds into the rock scene with their upcoming album R U OK?. The compilation of powerful and catchy tracks is filled with standout guitar licks and basslines that mark its well-deserved spot in your library.

In only three years, Wyves has shared the stage at festivals and as direct support with acts such as: Gary Clark Jr., Dr. Dog, Nick Murphy (formerly Chet Faker), The Stone Foxes and many more. In previous projects they have shared the stage and toured with acts such as: Guns N’Roses, Aerosmith, Taj Mahal, Kid Rock, and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (to name a few).

Between the four members of Wyves, there has been a lot of knowledge gained and miles traveled for such a young and upcoming rock band. Beyond their homebase of Phoenix, Wyves has made it a point to establish their name in many major city scenes along the West Coast through touring and online outreach. There has been no stop in momentum this year as the band has been recording their second full length album R U OK? set for release in September 2018.

Glide is keen to premiere the new Wyves video for “Mar-a-Lago” a hilarious take on Trump’s “Winter White House,” and whatever shameful shenanigans might or might not go down. Aside from the on the spot visuals, Wyves are a band that brings the rock revival with more gusto and original flair then both Greta Van Fleet and The Struts. Combining a knack for rock that thrusts and quivers, Wyves are our answer to Thin Lizzy and the timeless true rock of the 70’s.

“‘Mar-a-Lago’ is a satire written in the first person as Trump. Instead of just talking about how horrible or absurd he is in literal terms, I wanted to take an approach like “A Day In The Life” or “Sympathy For The Devil” to highlight his ridiculous ways by boasting about his base loves about him. This includes him going to Mar-a-Lago on the weekends to play golf with world leaders and business partners. I wanted the chorus to read like a brochure and like an 80’s tropical beach song in a major key, like “Kokomo”, offset with dark cryptic lyrics, ” says the band.

“I remember first seeing him on Life Styles of the Rich and Famous when I was little. He is riding around in yachts, everything in gold. It was fun being him while writing this. “Television taught me to read” is a pivotal lyric for this song, and makes reference to him being from the original “TV Generation”, and how he used his knowledge of TV to his advantage in gaining his base throughout the election and has continued to shut down all news stations with his daily distractions and antics. I see him as a Wizard of Oz type of character: the smoke and whistles and cure all potions, but really he is still the fool on the roadside who can’t fix his wheel on his carriage and is trying to figure IT out like the rest of us.”


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