Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman’s Woman

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: yes, the half-Italian, half-icelandic Emiliana Torrini sounds like Bjork. Just without the squeaking. Or high pitched sounds there for the benefit of dogs and – yes! – music critics. But hold on a minute, there surely can be room for both singers in this ever crowded world where, like London buses, you wait ages for one and then, well, two come along jostling for passengers? And if that doesn’t mix your metaphors, then who knows what will?

Let’s get the not so obvious out of the way. Fisherman’s Woman – recorded by the woman who wrote ‘Gollum’s Theme’ for Lord Of The Rings you know – is far more sprightly than it might have had any right to be. Since releasing debut album Life in the Time of Science, Torrini has had to deal with the death of her lover and has been assaulted herself. The fact that this follow up is a stripped-down, mainly acoustic affair is entirely understandable. The record hums to a haunting, sensual beat, where nature, “running naked and dragging a kite” are commonplace affairs. Your daily routine of a Starbucks and rushing to and from work are not to be found inside Torrini’s world.

Obviously, let’s get to the end. Torrini could and has been accused of peddling the same song in 12 different ways but that would be harsh to standout track ‘Sunny Road’, the beguiling ‘Honeymoon Child’ and the general ambience of this beautiful collection. Be warned: before you know it, these songs will have snuck into your subconscious, taken up residence in your head and demand to be played. Bjork – and damn, there’s that word again – may not have cause to be unduly worried but time, while you listen to this record, will stand still.

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