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MSTRKRFT: Fist of God

There's no getting away from it but MSTRKRFT do ever so slightly resemble those French behemoths of dance, Daft Punk and Justice. And not just when it comes an aping of the rock-meets-dance sound but also in the fact that we're dealing with yet another duo.

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Kaiser Chiefs: Off With Their Heads

What did you learn today?" asks Kaiser Chiefs' frontman Ricky Wilson. His answer: "I learnt nothing." How about letting us be the judge of that. "Never Miss A Beat", the lead single from whence those lyrics came, actually does tell the audience pretty much all it needs to know about the British band's third album – Off With Their Heads.

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Nellie McKay: Pretty Little Head

“It’s been a long time coming” coos Nellie McKay on double album Pretty Little Head and you have to admire her honesty. Let’s face facts: after three release dates for this follow up to 2004’s Get Away From Me had come and gone, you’d have been forgiven for giving up on her.

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Levy : Mercury Lounge, NY NY 3/10/2006

The convenient comparison is to fall in line and describe Levy as a cross between The Smiths and Coldplay but the reality is more like a coherent version of The Libertines.

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Passing Judgement On The Grammys & Oscars

The forty-eighth Grammy awards are but a week away. The music industry will descend upon Los Angeles any moment now and will have to deal with Woody Allen’s assertion that he didn’t “want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light.” Here are some predictions from the main categories

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Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman’s Woman

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: yes, the half-Italian, half-icelandic Emiliana Torrini sounds like Bjork. Just without the squeaking. Or high pitched sounds there for the benefit of dogs and – yes! – music critics. But hold on a minute, there surely can be room for both singers in this ever crowded world where, like London buses, you wait ages for one and then, well, two come along jostling for passengers? And if that doesn’t mix your metaphors, then who knows what will?

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