SONG PREMIERE: Fever Feel Transmit Intense Hazy Swirling Psych Rocker “Lose Your Mind”

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On their new self-titled LP British Columbia’s Fever Feel infuse the hazy wash of 60’s psychedelia with syncopated strutting rock & roll. Founded by the songwriting duo of Landon Franklin and Logan Gabert, Fever Feel is a modern take on rock & roll music, nodding to the simplicity of the past while moving forward with a sound unique to themselves.

For years Franklin and Gabert spent their time apart, playing in various groups until a 2014 meeting of the minds convinced them their sonic journey would be one made together. “We were listening to the same records and found a lot of common ground. The direction of the music felt natural and things sort of snowballed from there” said Gabert. 2015 saw the addition of a Thomas Platt on organ and the band’s first national tour. Platt, a self-taught musician, left school to join Fever Feel at age 17, solidifying the band’s current line up. After completing a number of tours in Canada and the U.S., the group relocated to Victoria in May 2017.

Dubbed by Beatroute as one of those “rare acts who craft their art from a place of deep introspection that the listener is able to feel to their core”, that self-analysis is reflective of their constant touring effort. “Because we were on a such a budget during our early tours, they were less routine” Franklin explains. “We knew what time we had to be at the next venue and took the rest as it came. The stories that come from sacrificing common comforts and going out there have been a constant stream of inspiration for this record.”

Fever Feel is a collection of experiences, written on the road and put to tape intermittently during the fleeting moments between tour dates. The album was recorded primarily at the bands home studio in Calgary, AB and was later finished in their new Victoria, BC residence. Gabert and Franklin wrote, arranged, produced and engineered the record. They recorded it with Platt and teamed up with Grammy-nominated engineer Claudius Mittendorfer (Weezer, Parquet Courts, Johnny Marr) to mix the songs.

Unsurprising for a band that lives the bulk of their lives on the road, the music of Fever Feel is a dynamic, evolving animal. “We always come home with new ideas. After playing the songs night after night, they change and grow. You start thinking about them differently. That has definitely added to what this album has become” explains Gabert. “Eventually the live and recorded versions end up unique to one another. We really like that. If I wanted to hear the record, I’d listen to the record.”

Glide is ecstatic to premiere “Lose Your Mind” from Fever Feel- a jangly psychedelic number full of reckless musical exhibitionism reserved in mind for early Santana, Hendrix and Hawkwind. The music climate is begging for Fever Feel to break big and take off with the whirlish organ, dark guitars and murderous blues of the 70s rock pioneers. 

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