Tim Bluhm Shares “Raining Gravel” Video From Upcoming Dave Schools Produced LP

The ever-curious and wildly prolific songwriter, music director and producer Tim Bluhm draws strength and inspiration from nature and his reinvigorated appreciation for life after a previous near-death experience. After co-founding The Mother Hips and touring with Johnny Cash, Wilco, Lucinda Williams, The Black Crowes and more, Bluhm has had a slew of succesful solo and collaborative projects.  Today, Tim debuts a reflective new video for “Raining Gravel telling the story of the 1930s Dust Bowl and the farmer exodus to California. 

“Raining Gravel” offers a first taste from an upcoming album, produced by Dave Schools and recorded at Cash Cabin, with the rhythm section of Gene Chrisman and Dave Roe, who played regularly with the likes of Johnny and Merle.

Discussing the track, Tim stated, “I look back at the Dust Bowl and the subsequent westward migration and see many similarities to our current situation. The environmental policies and beliefs that caused the Dust Bowl echo the debate surrounding forestry policies and the widespread wildfires in the West. It would be impossible for me to regard the plight of the ‘Okie’ without comparing it to current immigration debates around the world.”

The video was shot on a working farm on the Central Coast of California, where many Okies fleeing the Dustbowl actually settled. Pairing archival footage from the 1930s with the Tim’s narration of the events of the Dustbowl, director Pacho Velez (Manakamana, The Reagan Show) was able to portray a story about the dignified labor of farmers then and now.

On the decision to bring on Velez, executive producer Joe Poletto explained, “Pacho’s documentary work is excellent. I wanted to find a way to bring him into a music video project and this seemed like the perfect opportunity – a video that incorporates this really compelling archival footage into Tim’s interpretation of this historic and tragic time period.”

Tim Bluhm will be performing at AmericanaFest next month in Nashville, debuting his new band. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements on the horizon.


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