VIDEO/AUDIO PREMIERE: Dangermaker Nods To Daft Punk & The Killers On Divine & Danceable “Pressure”

San Francisco’s champions of overcast pop-heavy rock n’ roll, Dangermaker, have a very solid track record, which their forthcoming sophomore album Run succeeds in solidifying further. Picking up where they left off with their Light the Dark EPs, this album is defined by classic songwriting, charmingly familiar hooks and a particular style of raw, warm production that flows throughout courtesy of producer Aaron Hellam. The band has had an exciting past few years, including recent festival appearances at Bottlerock Napa and Live 105’s BFD Music Festivals – with headliners like Florence & The Machine, Atlas Genius, Grouplove, Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids and Best Coast – continuing on with US tour dates. Dangermaker’s new LP is scheduled for release Oct 5, 2018.

Dangermaker emerged from the San Francisco, CA music scene around 2009 when singer/songwriter Adam Brookes unveiled several dozen unfinished home demos to other musicians including drummer Carlos Rodrigues. They collaborated to create edgier sounding songs than either had previously and went into PopSmear Studios to record with Scott Llamas (Finish Ticket, Dizzy Balloon), resulting in a widely reviewed 5-track EP including the Owl Mag naming Dangermaker “One of my top 5 favorite Indie bands in the Bay Area”. However, the band was still an incomplete duo until keyboardist David DeAngelis left the East Coast to see what the West Coast had to offer and brought bassist friend Neko Fuzzmonk along one night. While all four members began as complete strangers, they were brought together by a shared passion and need to create music reflective of their diverse backgrounds, tastes, and influences, a need that came to fruition when they went into Studio SQ in 2011 to record Black Dream with producers John Flores and Justin Sachs (Two Gallants, Morning Benders, Foreign Cinema). Hot on the heels of their 2013 debut album Black Dream, Breakup Records released the Light The Dark EPs and various singles from fall 2014-2017, which have received rave reviews and serve as a signed testament to the timeless maturity and solidity of the band’s sound.

After Brookes’ father passed away during the first week of tracking their debut album Black Dream, Adam, Carlos, Dave & Neko plunged into their art with urgency and a newfound lust for life, eventually emerging with a cathartic sound that defines their new releases on Breakup Records. Channeling a signature brand of lush indie pop ala early Killers, Phoenix, and Anberlin has propelled the band forward to recent showcases at SXSWCMJ and beyond.

Glide is proud to premiere “Pressure” (below) from Dangermaker a lively cut filled with slinky beats and hooks galore.. Dangermaker hits on all production cylinders in bridging an indie pop vibe, that like a good Daft Punk tune, strays to the safe side of street cred. The stage is set for Dangermaker to break big and to bring their multi-sensory musical package to the next legit festival lineup.

“The song is inspired musically by a big guilty pleasure, house music” says Brookes. “It creeps it’s way into a lot of our songs, and usually balances out with the rock & pop instrumentation we play. Lyrically a lot of what came out of me during this period was very much affected by changing times here in the SF Bay Area, rising cost of living, people being forced to move, gentrification, and how that affects us on an individual level day to day. It can feel like your home is being turned upside-down and rendered unrecognizable. The video, directed by David Dutton, was initially a simple performance video that ended up absorbing some of these themes as visuals. David & his team actually built a tiny house to film in and combined some camera tricks with a lot of CG imagery in post-production, eventually having it all physically crumble and fall apart, sort of a metaphor for what is really happening here.

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