Richard Thompson Releases New Single “My Rock, My Rope” From New Album ’13 Rivers’

Songwriter Richard Thompson’s new album “13 Rivers” is coming out later this month and has released a single “My Rock, My Rope.” As emotionally charged as Richard Thompson’s immense body of work, the song is a patient plunge into himself. Its pace keeps the song tethered in a reflective mood. The guitar playing on the song is also noteworthy. It’s placement creating an atmosphere throughout leads to a solo played brilliantly, as we’ve come to expect from Thompson. His voice rings with his same declarative tone that, combined with the honesty of the lyrics, creates the feeling that he is speaking to each of us through his pure emotions.

The wisdom is evident in lines like “In my pain and in my darkness/Is my comfort and hope/In my loss and in my sorrow/Is my rock and my rope”. He seems to feel true strength in the difficulties he’s experienced in his life. The power he feels in his beliefs and convictions, as well as a clear understanding of emotions, match the depth felt in his lyrical outputs before. There is no cynicism in the song -instead there is a genuine catharsis and, with it, something for us all to appreciate. Tracks like these make it easier for people to be more comfortable and honest with themselves.

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