VIDEO PREMIERE: Kashena Sampson Showcases Vocal Chops and 70s Nashville Country Vibe With “Wild Heart”

Up-and-coming talent Kashena Sampson has a 70s folk-rock aesthetic and sound going on, drawing on California country and the classic Laurel Canyon folk sound. She’s been compared to legends like Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt, as well as cult heroes such as Barbara Keith, Jim Croce and Bobbie Gentry.

Sampson’s musical pursuit also comes with a compelling story. She found sobriety after a number of troubled years in LA, and then spent years balancing a demanding cruise ship singing career with dreams of becoming a professional singer-songwriter. Then on a whim, she found herself driving to Nashville with no solid plan other than wanting to make a record in Nashville. Initially she struggled, and found working multiple side jobs including a local greasy spoon to make ends meet. Finally her dreams came true when she saved enough money from bartending to cut her debut record, Wild Heart, at The Bomb Shelter in East Nashville with top Nashville based players including Jon Estes co-producing as well as playing bass, Jeremy Fetzer on guitar, and Jon Radford on drums. Despite its self-release, the record was a cult hit last year in the USA and was heaped with praise from esteemed media including Rolling Stone, who compared her to her hero, Stevie Nicks.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the new video video for the title track off Sampson’s album. The video oozes with a classic Nashville-in-the-70s vibes. Sampson’s vocals are powerful and emotive, hitting you hard like those classic country ballads that can lead to tears in your beer. The song has a sweeping, beautiful sound that is backed by a talented band of players, and it’s easy to picture Sampson owning the stage on the Opry way back when. Interestingly, the microphone used in the video was Dolly Parton’s actual mic from The Porter Wagner show and the suits were Dolly’s band’s suits from her own TV show in the 70s. The video was shot in the Basement East in Nashville.


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