SONG PREMIERE: New Mexican Explores Cultural Differences With Southwestern Folk Sound on “Letters”

Denver-based folk-rock songster Matt Hoffman, who performs under the name New Mexican, recently announced the release of his debut solo album Take It On Our Shoulders, out September 28th. The 11-track album sees New Mexican examining the stories of different middle-class people in present-day America — not those at the top, not the 1% — but the average American who is affected by the rising cost of education, finding and keeping work, trying to buy a home or having to move, generally those feeling underserved.

New Mexican’s fictional characters on Take It On Our Shoulders are influenced by recent historical events, including the album title, which refers to the 2008 Financial Crisis and the American tax payers’ role in the recovery. “The whole album attempts to understand people in struggle, and also to connect us as human beings,” New Mexican explains. “A coal miner and a die-hard solar advocate who may disagree politically both share the challenges of making a living, spending time with friends, raising a family, living a meaningful life. I think it’s time we try to understand differences by connecting through our shared experience. Go grab a beer with someone who has different political or religious views or go stay with people different from you and get to know them.”

Take It On Our Shoulders was recorded primarily in New Mexican’s home studio in the Cole neighborhood in Denver, CO, where he wrote, performed, recorded and produced the album. Mixed by Xandy Whitesel (Bon Iver, The National Reserve, Trout Steak Revival, Land Lines, Natalie Tate), mastered by Matthew Barnhart (David Bazan, Superchunk), and featuring Jeff Rady on pedal steel (Patrick Dethlefs, 5 & Dimers).

Today Glide is excited to premiere the tune “Letters”, a clear standout track on the album. Channeling Bruce Springsteen through a folk and Americana sound, New Mexican. True to the band name, the song incorporates a sweeping, Southwestern sounding guitar as its singer meditates on heavy issues affecting the characters inhabiting the lyrics. In our divisive times we are need of artistic voices to speak for the everyman and his struggles without judgement, and “Letters” makes it clear that New Mexican possesses this ability.   

In his own explanation of the song, New Mexican has this to say:

“With a vague and mysterious father figure, this song explores challenging cultural differences–likely generational–and dealing with them in the context of illness and impending loss. Sometimes we say things well and sometimes not. Sometimes we write letters.”


Take It On Our Shoulders is out September 28. Check out tour dates below and visit for more info. 

9.15 | High Alpine Brewing | Gunnison, CO
9.22 | Tully’s | Crested Butte, CO
9.28 | The Forge Publick House | Fort Collins, CO
9.29 | The Ubisububi Room | Denver, CO
10.6 | Heart of Trinidad B&B | Trinidad, CO

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