VIDEO PREMIERE: Jared & The Mill Tear It Up Via Two Guitar Solo Blazing Version Of”Feels Like” (Live at Crescent Ballroom)

Over the course of the past seven years, Phoenix’s Jared & The Mill has garnered a devoted following, earning them accolades as perhaps the best original band from The Valley of the Sun. The band consists of Jared Kolesar (vocals, acoustic guitar), Michael Carter (banjo, mandolin), Larry Gast III (electric guitar), Chuck Morriss III (bass), Josh Morin (drums).

Like Dawes, Kaleo and Head and The Heart -Jared and The Mill offer wear it on your sleeve lyrics alongside, firey musicianship and addictive energy. As the band states also their musical ethos is one of acceptance, “not in a circle sitting kum-baya bullshit way, in a way of acknowledging that we all have shit we regret, and we all have passions and opinions, and it’s up to all of us to filter through our flaws and our regrets to find ourselves, so don’t judge other people, do your best to have a good time in life, and care about everybody, like “everybody” everybody.”

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “Feels Like” (below) recorded Live at Crescent Ballroom which captures the band in its hometown at its favorite venue with a spirited hard rocking version of an intoxicating song (heated up guitar solo included). Most importantly, it recaptures the band acceptance mission and then some…

“We had the opportunity to record this video in our favorite hometown venue, “Crescent Ballroom”, and we think we instilled in the video the love and energy we share with the crowds we play for,” says Kolesar. “Our shows are such special moments to us, every one of them.  We really love taking rooms full of strangers and turning them into places of love and community, it’s such a rad privilege.  The energy we cultivate in these spaces is so genuine and easily transmitted between us and our fans, and we hope that this video reflects that.  We certainly think it does.”

The creation of this video was incredibly serendipitous for me. Almost exactly a year ago I remember sitting in on recording sessions for Jared & the Mill’s upcoming album in Joshua Tree, and hearing some of “Feels Like. I was blown away”  by the dynamic scope of the song,” says director Freddie Paul.

“Two guitar solos is relatively unheard of in today’s music, but some of my all-time favorite tunes including “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” Comfortably Numb”, and “All Along the Watchtower” all have two solos. I begged them to let me make a live performance video for it at the massive new Van Buren in Phoenix, but we concluded it would need more incubation time. A year later we went for it, this time at Crescent Ballroom, one of the most culturally significant venues in the Phoenix area, and I place I hold very dear to my heart. I was the first house photographer at Crescent when it opened, so I know the angles in that room like the back on my hand. I worked with our team to create a visual structure for the 8-minute song that rewards the audience for continuing to watch, while focusing on highlighting musical moments thought-out the song. To do this, we needed a 10 camera team including two 8mm cameras and a 16mm film camera, a dynamic lighting specialist, an incredible audio team, and an art director. But you can assemble the greatest team in the world, and whatever can go wrong will still go wrong. The day of the show, Phoenix was hit by one of the biggest monsoons in a decade. The streets were flooded, the power went out, and the ceiling of the venue started to leak. We braced for a poor turn-out, but Jared and the Mill’s incredible fans braved the extreme conditions to come out and support them, and what resulted is this film. Made with a lot of hard work and love, by a lot of wonderful people.”

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