VIDEO PREMIERE: Cashavelly Morrison Offers Dark Comment on American Privilege With “Hunger”

Cashavelly Morrison has experienced a lot since the release of her first highly-acclaimed alt-country album, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, back in 2015. On a personal note, she gave birth to her daughter. On a more global scale, she watched the 2016 election of Donald Trump play out amidst the protests of the #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, and March for Our Lives movements. As working musicians and the parents of two young children, all of these events weighed heavily on the minds of Morrison and her husband, guitarist/banjo player Ryan MacLeod, as they crafted the music and message of Hunger, her newest album set for release on November 3With her debut album garnering comparisons to Neko Case and Townes Van Zandt, the release of Hunger is hotly anticipated by fans across the globe. 

Throughout the album’s journey, Morrison explores many of today’s most important issues, weaving stories in her signature mountain ballad confessional style. The crux of the album is laid bare in the title track, with its Wild West slide guitar accenting a violent vision of the vulnerable being hunted by those in power. Today Glide is excited to premiere the song’s music video. The high and lonesome twang of the tune is visualized by a dark road and shadowy choreography that seems to dramatize some sort of violent act. With a haunting voice and a sound that brings to mind the gothic Americana of acts like the Handsome Family, Morrison uses the lyrics to paint an ominous portrait. 

This songs meaning is representative of the meaning of the entire album,Morrison says, that those in power who use the disadvantaged for their own personal gain are making a toxic, malignant bargaina bargain that hurts them as much as it hurts others.

Directed by S. Cagney Gentry and Logan Williams and featuring Dominica Greene, the video presents a series of striking visuals that fit perfectly with the music. Between the lyrics and the visuals, Morrison manages to make a powerful statement about American society.

“For the video, we wanted to show the dark underbelly of American privilege. The couple in the dining room–powerful and privileged hunters–consume more than they need. Whereas in the dark basement, the dancing figures–vulnerable and disadvantaged prey–must pay the price for the wealthy couple’s extravagant lifestyle. Though the wealthy couple believes they are impervious to consequences for their greed, they are also being hunted, but by the light of truth that will reveal their toxic, malignant bargain.”


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