decker. Takes Listeners On Vast Desert Voyage With Enriching ‘Born To Wake Up’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Brandon Decker refuses to let much time go by without you hearing something about him. Over the years since 2009, he’s cranked out album after album, an impressive collection of videos, multiple tours across the country, a documentary and even a craft beer to support his efforts. A quick Google search will prove that the man just never stops. He can’t. Workaholic? Maybe. Endlessly inspired? Absolutely.

If you want to know what the new decker record sounds like in an instant, just look to the album cover of the band’s seventh studio effort Born to Wake Up; it is a meditative (perhaps slightly drug-induced, maybe just spiritual) folk-rock journey through a psychedelic desert landscape. On this “trip”, with decker. as your guide, you wander through darkness to light in a wide range of emotions. You can either just enjoy the ride, or if you’re looking for something deeper, lyrics like “you were born to feel pressure, you were born to feel pain” and “go fly my little bird, just remember where you’ve been” can remind you that we’re all part of something much bigger that’s often easily missed.

The album’s intro sets the tone with sound effects of a desert walk backed by chanting “oms”, birds and coyotes leading into the first track “The Strawman” – a slow, droning experience perfect for sedation and contemplation. From there the sky goes a little darker, as decker summons a What-Would-Petty-Do mojo with 3 tracks of verbed-out rock and melodic vocals providing the perfect vibe to just hop in the car and escape to wherever. “Burning Grass” is a definite standout track here.

Next up, night turns to day as the folk-rock shaman evokes tones of release and gratitude. With any luck at all, “The Saint” has potential to be the band’s Pink Floyd-esque “Piano Man” for decker fans to join in on singing coming of age lyrics over pints of their favorite spirits.

The experience comes full circle as the album closes with an enlightened version of the intro. You feel cleansed, complete and ready for another dose.

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