SONG PREMIERE: Michigan Rattlers Reflect Early & Simple Bob Seger On Earnest “Evergreen”

Americana band, Michigan Rattlers, are thrilled to announce their forthcoming debut album Evergreen, out September 28th. The highly anticipated collection follows their self-titled Michigan Rattlers EP and delivers on the band’s signature countrified rock ‘n’ roll and folk.

Lifelong friends and deep-north natives, Michigan Rattlers play heavy-hearted Americana folk-rock with an aching dose of Midwestern nice. Graham Young (guitar), Adam Reed (upright bass), and Christian Wilder (piano) began writing music and performing together in their Northern Michigan high school.

Their self-titled Michigan Rattlers EP attracted glowing reviews and they spent the rest of that year and much of the next touring in support of this release. In September 2017, Pianist Christian Wilder was added to the band’s lineup. Now a trio, the group headed into the studio to record their newest EP, Wasting the Meaning. Comprised of three cover songs, the project was conceived as a way to explore deeper into the recording process and pay homage to some of their favorite songwriters – HAIM, Leonard Cohen and Tom Petty.

Glide is proud to premiere the title track “Evergreen” (below) – a reflective song that is clearly reminiscent of an old Bob Seger deep track ballad and the folk indie sincerity of Will Oldham. Michigan Rattlers might come off as your next of kin White Stripes, however, they offer a songwriting flair and down-home sincerity typically reserved for the Prines, Hiatts and Yoakam’s of the world.

“’Evergreen’ is about the fear of letting something slip through your fingers before you’ve had a chance to hold it in your hands and really appreciate it for everything it’s worth,” says the band. “It’s about trying to understand that things move from the future into the present, and then into the past so quickly. But knowing that the past is just as present as today and tomorrow.”

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