SONG PREMIERE: Sam Ravenna Explores Romantic Connections With Sultry Soul Tune “I Like It Here”

Sam Ravenna crashed onto the scene in 2017 with his self-titled debut EP which was hailed by the Tahoe Weekly, ”a clear statement of an artist intent on breaking new ground.” The Berklee College of Music graduate and Lake Tahoe-based musician has spent the bigger part of the last decade as a side man for many artists including Eric Lindell, Cas Haley, Tubby love, and Peter Joseph Burtt & The Kingtide. He is a seasoned touring musician, and has produced and collaborated on a handful of records for many national acts. His prior projects highlight his love for music and vast talents as he delved into more genre specific works including the funk powerhouse band “Rapplesauce” and the reggae-dub project “Samily Man”. Both of which have received critical acclaim.

His new album Fragile (due out October 19) picks up where his self-titled EP left off, diving deeper into the world that drives Ravenna as an artist as he explores themes of the fragility and fluid nature of life. Through life’s challenges, injuries, a mental health breakdown at the age of 22, he muses on his amazement of human resilience and how we can adapt, grow and change through life’s ups and downs. The new album, a testament to Ravenna’s artistic nature, illustrate his experiences of life lived, and loves found and lost, all laid out for the world to absorb.

With Fragile Ravenna further explores his sonic range and continues to establish himself as a chef in a soul kitchen by blending ingredients of electro funk, hip-hop and classic and modern soul. He has pulled together an all-star band consisting of players from some of the best touring acts in the country. Members of Turkuaz, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Odesza live band and more lent their hand to Sam Ravenna’s songs, complimenting his intricate arrangements and uncompromising electric sound. Sam Ravenna’s Lake Tahoe based band comprises of Sam Ravenna (Bass/Vocals), John Riley (Drums), Cory Hall (Guitar), and Brian Silverman (Keyboards).

Today Glide is offering an exclusive early listen of “I Like It Here”, a clear standout on Fragile. With lush instrumentation backing him up, Ravenna tantalizes the listener with smooth and buttery vocals to make for a sultry nugget of blue-eyed soul. The song proves that Ravenna is well-suited as a band leader and front man, singing songs that are aimed at making his listeners feel good and get a groove on.  

“’I Like It Here’ is less of a ‘love song’ and more of a ‘like song'”, recalls Ravenna, “It’s about first meeting someone that you connect with, not wanting to get in this person’s way, or jumping to conclusions but being open to the possibilities of a closer relationship.”


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