SONG PREMIERE: The Wheel Workers Balance Soaring Guitar Solos and Dramatic Choruses with “Desire”

Houston based five-piece The Wheel Workers are known for their politically charged rockers, but their new album post-truth (out Nov. 2) isn’t so much focused on politics as it is the daily realities we all now face as a society.Now, the band’s lean and quirky Dead Kennedys, The Clash, and Pixies-influenced style shoves real life in front of our eyes. Then again, maybe it is political.

Now that the fortified members of The Wheel Workers are ready to release post-truth, and with the past as prologue, the album’s title suddenly comes into relief, a clever twist on the idea of alternative facts, but actually referring to who we are as individuals after the tea is spilled all over our personal worlds.

Today Glide is premiering the album’s first single, “Desire”. The song showcases airy chugging guitars and dramatic choruses, and a tough-love lyricism. There is a post-punk sound here that brings to mind groups like the Pixies and Interpol complete with spiraling guitar solos that reach a climax with the infectious and anthemic shouted chorus at the end of the song. Lyrically, it also finds the band reaching to a deeper philosophical place. 

Band member Steven Higginbotham enlightens us to the meaning behind the song:

“This song is about the disconnect between dreams and reality. How hard it can be to keep an inner life of creative imagination going in the face of every day adult obligations. How easy it is to give up and get drawn into the world of work, television shows, errands, and so on; to become numb and lose the desire to explore the world of creativity, art and personal expression.” 


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Photo: The Wheel Workers (L-R): Craig Wilkins, Kevin Radomski, Erin Rodgers, Steven Higginbotham, Zeek Garcia. Credit: Allison McPhail / 5AM Creative.

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