ALBUM PREMIERE: Rich Hope Flies High With High Energy Garage Rock On ‘I’m All Yours’

Veteran Pacific Northwest rocker Rich Hope is set to release his fourth album I’m All Yours, his first full-length release since 2009’s Gonna Whip it on Ya. The new album was recorded at Vancouver’s Little Red Sounds studio with producer Felix Fung on weekends, rainy nights, and a lot of stolen time in between. I’m All Yours is being released by Planned Obsolescence Recording & Novelty Inc. October 19.

It’s said around town that seeing Rich Hope is an essential rite of passage. In a city that often obsesses over ephemeral trends, Hope’s explosive rock ’n’ soul man revue proved as enduring as the coastline. For over two decades, he’s filled, and sanctified, an impressive string of beloved venues, many now gone but not forgotten like the Railway Club where bar-receipts records were smashed during one of his sets. And he’s still going strong!

The new album is filled with the gritty, high energy R&B-flavored garage rock that has made Hope an institution in his hometown of Vancouver. I’m All Yours finds Hope and his longtime band bassist Erik Nielsen, keyboardist Matt Kelly, and drummer Adrian Mack at their most versatile and spontaneous.

Today Glide is excited to offer a premiere of the entire album. Beginning with an ominous yet spiritual organ, the album drops right into the good stuff. For rock and roll aficionados who find themselves craving the real thing, I’m All Yours offers sweet and righteous salvation. Hope and his band mix blistering guitar solos, feisty rhythms, boogie woogie organ, and the kind of swinging drum beat that keeps the music chugging on and beckons the listener to dance along. Hope has undoubtedly earned his rocker credentials throughout his long and illustrious career in music, so it shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise that he knows how to incorporate the right amount of garage, soul, 60s psych, raunchy blues, rockabilly and infectious choruses into seemingly every song. At times his music brings to mind fellow real deal rockers like Reigning Sound, Question Mark and the Mysterians, the Rolling Stones, the Black Keys and Black Joe Lewis. He also isn’t afraid to add brassy flourishes and wild saxophone solos here and there to take things to the next level. Throughout his long, notorious career Richard Hope has been exploding on stages big and small, from downtown booze cans in Madrid to Vancouver’s Rogers Arena. Now it’s all on record for your home listening pleasure. Some bands may achieve one or even three truly great rock and roll songs on their albums, but what’s remarkable about Rich Hope is that he manages to do it on every single track of this album. This is heady stuff to say the least. 

In his own words, Rich Hope gets straight to the point about his intentions with the album:

“I wanted to make a rock record that captured what I love about ’60s and ’70s blues, soul and garage rock and attempt in my own way to tap into the electricity and danger I hear in that music.” 


I’m All Yours is out in full October 19. For more info visit

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