EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jerry Joseph Candidly Talks Musical Future & Past

“You’re one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever heard, but no one knows who the fuck you are. You’re the guy that took all the advanced classes, and none of the beginner ones.”
– John Perry Barlow introducing Jerry Joseph as he took the stage in New Orleans a few years back.

“I’m gonna put that on my epithet. It’s like the best slam, and nicest thing someone could say,” said Joseph of Barlow’s introduction.

In early October, I had the fortune of spending 10 days with Jerry Joseph and his son Judah on a boat cruising the Amazon River Basin in Brazil as part of an Ice Axe Expeditions Impact School trip. Jerry has been playing music professionally since the age of 15. His career has included multiple celebrated band projects, brilliant solo efforts, and is punctuated by an authentic style of unique songwriting. I have personally witnessed him perform in a variety of projects over the years and one thing remains constant. Energy. This guy brings the heat no matter where he’s playing or with whom, and he’s not afraid to tell you what’s on his mind, either.

Recently, Jerry announced that his longtime band, the Jackmormons is taking a hiatus. He’s also been working on a non-profit, writing new music, and seems as fired up as ever for the journey ahead.

The following video was filmed at the Tropical Hotel in Manaus, Brazil on October 10th. It shares a brief Q and A with Jerry, followed by a new tune and an old one.

Take a load off and get intimate with Jerry for a few as he talks about his time in the Amazon, plans for the future, and plays a few solo acoustic tunes in the jungle.


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