Blood of the Sun Rock Hard With ‘Blood’s Thicker than Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


When you search for Blood of the Sun, you realize that information about the band is not easily found. While you may not find much of a bio, the new album Blood’s Thicker than Love tells you all you need to know about this band. Namely that it rocks hard.

The album begins with “Keep the Lemmys Comin.” You don’t have to hear much of the intro to recognize the similarity between this and a Motorhead song. The guitar, bass, and drums provide a Motorhead groove while the organ adds a dimension that is closer to Deep Purple. This is rock and roll as it was meant to be: fast and loud.

You could classify this album as hard rock or heavy rock. Perhaps a better classification is road trip songs. “My Time” is a good example. When hearing the riffs in this song, you can’t help but push the pedal to the floor. The instrumental break – with its blistering guitar solo and driving organ – especially is made for an open stretch of road where you want to see how far you can push your speed.

Sometimes when you listen to a long song, it can feel even longer than it is. “Air Rises as You Drown” is longer than 8 minutes, but it rocks so hard that it seems to go by in a blink. It rocks particularly hard in the first instrumental break where the guitarist shows off his considerable chops with a solo that makes you take notice. The guitar in the second instrumental (which takes up almost the last three minutes of the song) is custom-made for advanced players of Guitar Hero and is enough to get you pumping your fist. Meanwhile the beat and the organ part also fuel the tempo and sound of this rocker.  

This band’s sound is one that could just as easily fill a stadium as a cramped club full of guys with long hair and beards. The sound is akin to great 70s rock bands like Deep Purple and Humble Pie. With the shortest song being 5:48, the structure of the album is also reminiscent of 70s rock. This album is only six songs, but it never stops rocking and it begs to be played at irresponsible volumes. Blood’s Thicker than Love (Listenable Records) will be available everywhere on November 2.

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