SONG PREMIERE: The Delines Mix Nostalgia and Melancholy With Country Soul Tune “Let’s Be Us Again”

The Delines in their rehearsal studio, Sept 2018. Photo by Jason Quigley

Sometimes, fate’s just a damned cruel thing. But when it nearly capsizes the career of an acclaimed band in the blink of an eye, the band’s only prudent choice is to hang in there until the ship is ready to sail again. That’s what The Delines did while supporting the recovery of lead singer Amy Boone, who underwent three years of treatment and rehab after both her legs were severely broken when she was hit by a car in Austin, Texas. What sustained their spirit, according to guitarist and songwriter Willy Vlautin, was knowing they already had most of their sophomore album, The Imperial, in the can.

Not quite three years after their momentum was so rudely interrupted, the band will finally release The Imperial this coming January, picking up where they left off following their stellar 2014 debut, Colfax. Like that album, The Imperial features Damnations, TX co-founder Boone evoking a beat-up Dusty Springfield or a weary Rickie Lee Jones on 10 tracks penned by Vlautin, who is also lead singer/songwriter for Richmond Fontaine and an acclaimed novelist (two of his books have become major films).

Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of “Let’s Be Us Again”. Easily one of the most soulful tracks on the album, Boone lets her vocals take the spotlight and they soar with backing harmonies and a subtle yet emotionally poignant brass section. As she sings the chorus “oh, let’s be us again”, it’s hard not to get the chills as you can feel the weight of the lyrics in every note. This is the kind swooning country soul song that is best accompanied by a tall glass of whiskey, and it goes down just as smooth. This is reflective music that carries the Willy Vlautin stamp of nostalgia mixed with a touch of sadness. 

Willy Vlautin, who wrote the tune, reflects on the recording and the meaning behind it:

“It’s so lucky to write Amy songs. She’s one of the few singers that I believe everything she sings. There’s a weariness but also a hopefulness to her voice that I never tire of. I would never have the guts to sing a song like this one. I would have never written it if I was singing. Playing in the Delines is a lot like taking the handcuffs off my songwriting. I am able to write bigger more romantic tunes. Cory’s horn arrangements are amazing and really take the song to the next level. When we started playing with him we knew he was a hotshot keyboardist and trumpet player but we had no idea he was such a great horn arranger. Man oh man did we get lucky.”


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