SONG PREMIERE: Minor Moon Soar With Enchanting Waltz “Hold Me Up”

On their upcoming album, An Opening, Minor Moon looks inward as they delve outward, delivering a personal examination of textured humanity in the postmodern age, underscored by brief but relentlessly sane glimpses of existential dread.

Calling Chicago home, the four-piece, led by singer/songwriter Sam Cantor, have released a five-song EP, a prior full length record and played nearly a hundred shows – all since their 2016 inception. Now, with their next record on the cusp of release, Minor Moon is preparing for national recognition.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the band’s new single, which also happens to be the opening track on the album. “Hold Me Up (Liar)” paints a series of impressionistic images that explore how a person experiences their sense of self as time passes. Lyrically, the song is deep as is focuses on a sense of future uncertainty as it looks to the past, addressing a person’s vitality and the idea that, throughout our lives, we actually live many lives and say goodbye to ourselves many times. The song also features a musical depth with powerful soaring harmonies, lush instrumental soundscapes, and simple yet emotive guitar work. The band succeeds and spinning Americana, folk, and progressive indie rock sounds into one enchanting waltz.  

Songwriter and front man Sam Cantor has this to say about the song:

“Writing ‘Hold Me Up (Liar)’ was an attempt to address the parts of myself that I don’t know how to communicate with, either because they lie in the future, in the past, or too far below the surface. I guess it’s not surprising that what I ended up with was not a straight forward narrative or message, but something more like hieroglyphics, image-based and aphoristic. The words came out from a vague and big feeling, coalesced around a slightly more specific notion, and when they eventually got into their current form I felt like I couldn’t scratch or change anything without damaging the song, so it was done.

I have always been a sucker for songs with big dynamic shifts and weird, unexpected structures. It can be easy for me to want to push and twist every Minor Moon tune into an epic journey, but that can sometimes get in the way of what’s best for the song. So for ‘Hold Me Up’, and for the record as a whole, I wanted to have it all: to embrace a certain grandiosity and maximalism on the one hand, and restraint for the sake of the song on the other. Striking that balance has become sort of the culminating challenge this project. That’s true not just for me as the songwriter, but for every member of the band, who each bring spirited, dynamic and integral contributions to these recordings. After all of that delicate dancing that took place in the creation of this record, it’s humbling, and a relief, to know that from here on out the music is out of our hands.”


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Photo credit: Paul Moody

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