SONG PREMIERE: Chris Fullerton Reflects On Dreaming With Triumphant Rocker “Maryanne”

Chris Fullerton sings country music bold and brave beyond compare. Epilepsy Blues, the Central Texas singer-songwriter’s debut on Austin-based Eight 30 Records, was released to local acclaim back in 2017. For good reason, as the album delivers hard truths both elegantly and effortlessly, and simply stuns with candor. Much of the lyrics for the songs on the album were inspired by the singer’s depression as he struggled to deal with a medical condition.

The road for an artist living with epilepsy has been paved with dark holes, but Fullerton has survived with tales to tell. Sharp storytelling often guides the journey throughout his work. In early 2019 he plans to follow Epilepsy Blues with Consider the Shoebill! Fullerton’s sophomore effort may continue in a similar vein to his previous work and it is sure to turn heads, as he is a talented songwriter with a unique story to tell.

On November 23 Eight 30 Records will release Fullerton’s “Maryanne” as a digital single, and today we are excited to premiere it right here on Glide. The song will be featured on Consider the Shoebill, offering a glimpse of what we can expect from the album. Kicking off with a blast of guitar and drums, Fullerton immediately makes a strong impression with his deep, soulful and times gruff vocals that fly over a soundtrack of organ, thick bass guitar, and feedback. The singer seems to straddle the line between alt-country, roots rock and grunge, the latter of which definitely shines through in the chorus. At its core, “Maryanne” is a triumphant rock and roll song that is probably one of the loudest musical reflections on dreaming that has been recorded.

“’Maryanne’ is a song mostly coming from dreams I’ve had during and following a seizure,” says Fullerton, who has lived with epilepsy for nearly a decade since moving from the Northeast to Austin. “Sometimes in dreams you can be your favorite things – like a Shoebill stork.”


Photo credit: Brian T. Atkinson

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