Ron Gallo Sets Mood For Raucous Party At Brighton Music Hall (PHOTOS)

It’s a happy conundrum trying to describe an artist such as Ron Gallo. Wise beyond his years, Gallo brought a stellar and memorable performance in support of his most recent release, Stardust Birthday Party – to Allston’s Brighton Music hall on November 11th. Celebrating a fan’s birthday on stage before the music even started, Gallo and his band set the mood for a raucous party on a quiet Sunday night just outside of Boston. Gallo’s jangly guitar riffs, crafty use of effect pedals and biting lyrics, hypnotized a full house of fans – enamored with his wit and sarcasm. Delving into tracks from Birthday and his back catalog, Gallo displayed glimpses of Pete Townshend as he shredded on his axes. He swayed back and forth between the Somber Artist to the volatile Rock Star as he and his killer band rocked through songs that included “Really Nice Guys”, “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me”, “Kill the Medicine Man” and “All the Punks are Domesticated”. Gallo’s talent is undeniable as he channels deep, thought-provoking lyrics and continues to forge forward with his own unique brand of rock and roll music.

Photos and words by Marc Lacatell



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