Dave and Red, Part II

The King of the Smooth Jam will make his television debut in March with a guest appearance on the popular hospital drama House.

Incoherent rambler Dave Matthews takes on the role of Patrick, a savant and virtuoso pianist who suffered a severe neurological impairment as the result of an accident 10 years prior. Patrick’s illness can only be repaired at the cost of his amazing piano-playing talents, leading to, I’m guessing, conflict. Hopefully Matthews will be up to the theatrical challenge of playing an instrumental virtuoso.

Fellow pill-popper, Dr. House (Hugh Laurie), and Patrick’s father must make the difficult decision of whether to cure the illness at the cost of greatness. Patrick’s father will be played by Kurtwood Smith, the lovable Red Forman, which leads me to think the conflict will be resolved, and someone will be called a “dumbass.”

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  1. anybody catch that comment dave made at bonnaroo ’05 about “all the lovely people an they port-a-potty n whatnot”
    incoherent rambler is correct!

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