SONG PREMIERE: moonweather Channels Upbeat Psych-Folk With “Until Later”

Self-reflective and erratic, moonweather’s new single “Until Later” bubbles forth with frothy, electric energy, hiding thoughtful wistfulness behind cheerful pageantry and reverberant vigor. At only two minutes long, it packs a miniature yet mighty punch, dropping in right away with dynamic vocals, thrumming guitar chordings, light piano harmonies, and vocals that ricochet in and out. Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the single. The song is a feel-good romp that balances catchy verses and lyrics with a lo-fi psych-folk sound, coming in at just under two minutes to leave you wanting more. 

Upon listening, it’s readily apparent that moonweather is a close-knit group. Boasting an extremely collaborative songwriting style wherein band members collaborate equally on virtually all facets of songwriting – lyrics and arrangements included – the song pieces itself together as it progresses into something rambunctious and homogenous and ultimately endearing.

All things together, “Until Later” sees the band trying to fit the mistakes they’ve made into their lives as they age and self-actualize, foregrounded against a backdrop of shiny surfaces, road trips, and train journeys. Drawn from their second full-length album Overgrown, it’s a storied reflection on aging and on problems that seem insignificant on their own, but together compound into bigger issues. The Cincinnati group is a prime example of musicians with a killer work ethic working together toward mainstream success.

Band member Bobby Burgess describes the song like this:

“‘Until Later’ rattles past through mounting fears and growing concerns. Outside, the world whips by, faster all the time. Inside, we reflect on the trips we’ve taken before. Then, before you know it, it’s time to collect your baggage and disembark. Some trips are like that. I like this song because it’s short, and it’s sweet, and it sounds like everyone’s having a good time even though we’re dying inside.”


Photo credit: Craig Hammerstein

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