SONG PREMIERE: Radiator King Presents Vivid Lyrical Tales Through Bar Band Lens With “Roll The Dice”

Radiator King, the Boston-bred/Brooklyn-based musician behind 2017’s A Hollow Triumph After All is gearing up to release his newest project – the forthcoming EP Roll the Dice, due out February 15th via SoundEvolution records.

While the charm in Silvestri’s earlier catalogue derives from its workmanlike dedication to strain against mountains to unearth gold, on Roll The Dice it emanates from a wary wisdom that no such feats are needed. The gold has volunteered itself for discovery, only now Silvestri knows better than to revel long, if at all, in possessing.

In addition to Silvestri, Roll The Dice features contributions from an exceptional group of musicians, including drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes, NIN) who threads subtle dynamism into his unimpeachable time keeping. Rounding out the rhythm section is bassist Mark Stewart, a brilliant counterpart for Viglione, who nudges the songs forward when needed and elsewhere sustains them in moments of blooming crescendo, often playing warmly against the gravelly howls of Silvestri’s voice. Guitarist Adam Brisbin is a nimble conversant throughout the EP, his fuzzed-out leads and wailing, asymmetrical flourishes captivating and surprising in equal measure while the nuanced, recessive performance of producer and pianist Shaul Eshet finishes the feat.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the EP’s title track “Roll the Dice,” which finds Silvestri plaintively examining the timeless themes of going for it and letting go. Sung with soft-throated remove, the narrative flows from the perspective of a tough-shelled street kid. A runaway protagonist finding purchase in the romantic propellant of childlike beliefs, even while threading his way through a decidedly bleaker reality. The song starts mellow with just Silvestri strumming his guitar like a folk troubadour before adding in layers of electric guitar, drums and keyboard. From there he seems to soar in the kind of everyman bar band style of Bruce Springsteen. Silvestri displays a knack for crafting vivid lyrical tales and turning them into rock and roll that connects on a human level. Ultimately he proves himself to be the straightforward, no bullshit songwriter on par with acts like The Gaslight Anthem, Jason Isbell, and American Aquarium.  

“At the core of my songwriting my aim has always been to fuse together different styles of music,” says Silvestri. “It’s what I find interesting and where my curiosity has led me. With the last album I felt there was a sizable disparity between the two different types of sounds I was able to produce. There was the softer, more personal seeming sound and then a heavier, more aggressive one for the darker and more ominous songs.”

“However, with this new EP my aim was to find a way to begin to bridge the gap; to unify these different sounds. I believe ‘Raylene’ was the song that led the way in this pursuit. It is very vulnerable but is presented in a way that is energetic and huge,” he says.


Radiator King’s new EP Roll The Dice is out February 15th.

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