Gentleman’s Dub Club Offers Eclectic, Chill-Worthy Sounds With ‘Lost in Space’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Gentleman’s Dub Club is a dub band from Leeds, England who are known for blending dub, ska, reggae. The group is also known for its energetic live performances, and they have been pretty busy in its 10 years of existence, including 2018, when the band performed on Xtra on BBC 1. Lost in Space is the band’s fourth full-length effort.

If you had to describe the album in just one word, groovy would be a good choice. When you listen to the melodies, it’s easy to hear some similarities to Black Uhuru. “Light the Fuse” is a good example, where the melody and tempo both bring Black Uhuru to mind. This song also features some reverb in the vocals that gives it a sort of trippy feel. The trippy and trancy feel is prominent throughout the album and is reminiscent of Fat Freddy’s Drop. Fittingly, one of the more psychedelic songs is called “Stardust.” Some of the lyrics that lend to the far out vibes include the line, “Stardust rushing through my bloodstream. I want to get higher.”

“Turning Back” is also song that stands out. This song features Million Stylez, whose vocal delivery brings a hip-hop feel. The band also brings out a guest on “Walking Away”, with Winston Francis brings soulful vocals to this tune. The backing vocals are soulful and at some points in the song they are even reminiscent of doo-wop, giving the song a real old-time sound and feel.

If you’re in a mellow mood, Lost in Space is a great soundtrack. The bass lines will definitely get you grooving while the horns and the keyboard lend a brightness to the melodies. It certainly doesn’t have the tempo of ska or even a lot of reggae songs, but songs like “Ground Shakin'” are perfect for those nights when you just want to sink into the couch and chill.

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