VIDEO PREMIERE: Arthur Nasson Shares Hypnotic Video For “Ice Queen” From 10th Full length ‘Whack Mythology’

Whack Mythology is the 10th full-length release for the Arlington, Massachusetts alternative artist Arthur Nasson Nasson’s determination led him to build a critically acclaimed catalog of recordings starting out largely with one mic and an 8 track cassette deck. Following the release of Whack Mythology, Nasson released an additional bonus EP Basement Glitter.

Speaking on Whack Mythology, Nasson says, “The idea that mythology, whether personal or global and the social programming it instills in each of us, drives much about our actions and perception. In holding up this type of mirror both in personal and more broad ways, one can perhaps have a laugh and recognize some shared sense of what we go through in this life.”

Nasson recorded these tracks in his home studio, but the final product feels far from lofi. Nasson handles the songwriting, production, engineering, vocals, piano, guitar, bass, percussion and synthesizers largely on his own, and with assistance from his sons Graham Nasson (drums/rhythm guitar) and Colin Nasson (rhythm guitar/percussion).

Glide is proud to premiere the official video for “Ice Queen” (below) from Nasson, a hypnotic number filled with a throbbing pulse of high energy piano rock. In a perfect world, Arthur Nasson would be as internationally collected as Elvis Costello, but instead, he’s a gift to the chosen community of listeners who continually unraveling musical discoveries to his growing indie legacy.

“While sound asleep, I semi-woke to hear this cartoonishly dark yet funny song blaring through my head. While suspended in thi sdream-likee state I involuntarily listened to this song,” says Nasson. “Looking over at the clock to see that it was 4;00 in the morning. I got up and went to try and capture this musical visitor ,while trying not to wake anyone. Very softly I played the music from the dream, on the piano, then pulled a blank sheet of paper from the printer and wrote out the chart and lyrics. The finished recording is largely some gift from the subconscious.”

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