SONG PREMIERE: Girls on Grass Deliver Much-Needed Rock and Roll Statement With “Because Capitalism”

Girls on Grass, despite their moniker, is precisely 50% girl— Barbara Endes (writer, singer, guitarist), drummer Nancy Polstein (the Friggs, Cheri Knight, Star City)—and 50% boy: blues/alt-country vet David Weiss on lead guitar (replacing Sean Eden), and WFMU’s own Dave Mandl on bass. Upon her arrival in NYC in 2004, Barbara served time in a handful of bands; it took a decade for her songwriting identity to blossom, and when it did, it contained multitudes: not only her Wisconsin working-class folk-country sensibility, but all the strains she took in as a kid and as a working musician. Think very, very melodic roots-y but also psych-inflected bands: the dBs, the Rain Parade, plus a big dose of surf and rockabilly. Plus, just warm as heck.

On April 5th the band will release their sophomore album, Dirty Power, a collection of 11 songs that continues Barbara’s lay-it-on-the-line approach to songcraft but ups the ante musically with a more-developed guitar interplay that’s equal parts Sticky Fingers and Marquee Moon. The album was recorded with producer Eric Ambel (alum of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Del-Lords, Blood Oranges) and engineer Mario Viele at Cowboy Technical Services, with mix engineering by Michael James.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Because Capitalism”, an aptly titled song that offers biting commentary on how fucked up our country is. With the rock and roll edge of acts like the Pretenders, the band offers a blunt assessment of our country as they belt out the lyrics “capitalism ruins everything that’s worth doin'”. In a time when the class divide is growing rapidly, the rich continue to fatten their bank accounts, and the disgusting reality of a Republican government means corruption is rampant, we are in dire need of more tried and true rock and rollers offering commentary through music. After all, the genre has always been a platform for speaking out, and lucky for us the members of Girls on Grass understand this and aren’t afraid to hold back their views.

Writer, singer and guitarist Barbara Endes shares her own thoughts on the song:

“This is pretty obviously a protest song. What else could it be when the first lyrics I wrote for it are ‘capitalism ruins everything that’s worth doin’…? These are grim times for many, but I hope that people can get some catharsis out of this song like I do when I sing it. It helps to shout it at the top of your lungs. Our producer Eric Ambel jumped in to do a low backing vocal in the middle of the song, and it’s one of my favorite moments on the album. I was looking to channel a Chan Marshall + Eddie Vedder vibe there, a la You Are Free.”


Photo credit: Amanda Thorpe

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  1. Girls on Grass kicks ASS!!! Love, “Because Capitalism.” I respect and admire GOG’s ability to put the truth out there, rockin it upbeat genuine style!

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