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We’ve discussed at length ’round this here rag just how many bands are considering reunion plans in 2007. Speculation continues to surround The Police about a potential reformation this summer, Van Halen may get the old band back together for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and all eyes are focused on Stephen Malkmus for the long-awaited Pavement announcement.


Those would be cool, no doubt. But I’m waiting for two reunions that may never come to fruition: God Street Wine and the Faces.

I discovered the Faces fairly late in my music life, but I have grown to appreciate these guys as much as almost any other band in classic rock history. It’s remarkably easy to listen to both Long Player and A Nod is as Good as a Wink…to a Blind Horse all the way through without so much as thinking about changing the tune — these cats just knew how to produce a record, start to finish.  

And since a Faces reunion is about as likely as you sticking to that New Year’s resolution to lose weight or quit smoking or stop masturbating in the shower, let’s jump back to the past and listen to some cool shit together this morning:

That Rod Stewart…he’s just a dreamy motherfucker, eh?

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  1. I don’t know what kind of asshole you are, Neddy, but where I come from, you don’t post tracks from someone’s band on their actual birthday. You do it the day after. Obviously you don’t know shit. There, I said it. Finally, the truth!

    Mother don’tchu recognize your son…ooooooooowoooooooowoooo.

  2. Still hoping for a Talking Heads reunion although, David Byrne says it will never happen. Dire Straits too. Lets make it 1984 all over again with The Police, Genesis and Van Halen

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