Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Delivers Impressive Throw-Down in Eugene, OR (PHOTOS/SETLIST)

From the opening “Althea” through the end of “The Mighty Quinn”, Friday’s crowd at Eugene, Oregon’s Cuthbert Amphitheater was picking up what Joe Russo’s Almost Dead was throwing down. Russo, Scott Metzger, Tom Hamilton, Marco Benevento and Dave Dreiwitz are all amazing musicians, and together they are explosive. Below, check out the gallery from Greg Homolka and look over two setlists, the first very basic, and the second very detailed, from “Costello” on the Joe Russo’s Almost Dead facebook page.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Cuthbert Amphitheater, Eugene, OR, 2019-05-31

Set I: Althea > Truckin’ > Cassidy > Tennessee Jed
Set II: King Solomon’s Marbles, Here Comes Sunshine > They Love Each Other Jam > Here Comes Sunshine > Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Feel Like A Stranger > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower > Good Lovin’

Encore: The Mighty Quinn

From Costello on the JRAD facebook page:

Show #192
Cuthbert Amphitheater
Eugene, OR

Set One (7:11PM – 8:29PM)
Jam -> Althea ->
Jam ->
Truckin’ @ -> Cassidy / Born Cross Eyed Jam @@ ->
Jam # ->
Tennessee Jed
Set Two (8:59PM – 10:35PM)
King Solomon’s Marbles
Jam ->
Here Comes Sunshine $ ->
They Love Each Other Reprise % ->
Here Comes Sunshine Reprise ->
Jam ^ ->
Help On The Way ->
Slipknot! ->
Feel Like A Stranger & ->
Slipknot! Reprise ->
Franklin’s Tower **
Good Lovin’ *
The Mighty Quinn +
@ – With a Cassidy Tease (TH, then Band)
# – With Tennessee Jed Teases (SM, then TH) and a “Paint It Black” (Rolling Stones) Teases (TH) and Jams (Band)
$ – With China->Rider Transition Teases (TH & Band), a TH & MB Duo, a China Cat Tease (Band) TLEO Teases (TH & Band) and Cumberland Blues Teases (Band)
% – First time played in this manner by Almost Dead, “Lord you can see it’s true” lyrics only
^ – With a Terrapin Tease (TH)
& – With a Slipknot! Jam
* – With a “La Bamba” (Richie Valens) Tease (MB)
** – With a Feel Like a Stranger Tease (Band)
+ – Not played by Almost Dead since 2018-10-19 Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA a gap of 22 shows

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