Sunday’s Fundamental Reading: Byrne’s Pulse

I spotted David Byrne in the hipster crowd at South Street Seaport in August ’05. Awaiting Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s gratis summer showcase, the former Talking Head was just a man in the throng, alone, standing there in a canary-yellow collared shirt, scarfing down a thick slice of Pizzeria Uno’s finest.

And, really, how cool is that? How many legendary musicians have you spotted casually wiping pizza from the corners of their mouths while clandestinely loitering on the grounds of the soundscape they helped spawn to check out whether the kids are, in fact, alright? David Byrne’s got his finger on the pulse, and in today’s edition, the New York Times shows us just where that finger has been.


(NYT pics) From left, Hugh Brown/Cinecom International Films; Alan Solomon/Associated Press; Shane Reid

Here’s a nice excerpt to get the blood pumping: “Yet his latest musical project may capture the musical kinetics of Talking Heads better than anything Mr. Byrne has done since the band broke up in 1991. ‘Here Lies Love’ was inspired by Imelda Marcos’s love of disco, so great that she installed a dance floor, complete with mirror ball, on the roof of the presidential palace in Manila. The work in progress was conceived for performance in a dance club, with an audience doing what one generally does in such places.” Make sure to check out the multimedia as well…

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