SONG PREMIERE: The Milestones Reach Rock and Roll High with “Drugs Ain’t Workin'”

The Milestones were conceived in 2015 by longtime friends Alex Wandres and Chris Metz (both of whom share vocal and guitar duties). It began as a weekend jam session ritual, fueled by Flying Dog beers, in a dingy Baltimore warehouse where they would thrash on their guitars to the explosion of drummer John Love’s kit well into the night. From those sessions emerged some kind of raucous, rugged rock ‘n’ roll, and The Milestones were formed. Four years and two EPs later, joined by Jason Alford on bass, the band has refined the rawness of its initial sound and sculpted it into their own brand of infectious indie dance rock, rife with carefully crafted hooks over expansive guitar-powered soundscapes.

The Milestones tracked their debut album at the famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville TN, where other legendary acts such as Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, and Cage the Elephant have created some of their best material. The sound of their new album is as crisp and refined as any of their releases to date. They wanted to keep the energy and power of their live performances in the highest fidelity recording possible. Songs are stripped down – no frills, no overdubs, it’s four guys in a room making music, and they let the guitars and drums do the talking here.

The band’s strengths are their songwriting and their ability to jam with each other, and in their debut album they have struck a perfect balance between them – crafting tight, memorable hits while still showcasing the musicianship and chemistry of the members. Sharing singing and songwriting duties, Chris Metz and Alex Wandres put down some of their strongest vocals yet with powerful deliveries, introspective lyrical themes, and earnest voice-breaking performances. The album spans 14 tracks, with styles ranging from indie rock and dream pop to atmospheric dance tracks and blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Each song has its own identity and unique appeal but never feels scattered because all are connected by a common thread and sound

Today Glide is excited to premiere one of the standout tracks on the new album. “Drugs Ain’t Workin'” is a heavy-hitting, bluesy rocker that mixes 70s guitar bravado and infectious, anthemic lyrics that feel stadium-ready. The subject matter speaks to a state of mind many of us have experienced, and the vocals convey equal parts angst and intensity that are broken up with viciously rocking guitar solos. In a time when guitar rock bands seem like a dying breed, The Milestones come out swinging, ready to drag you through the glory of what rock music is all about.  


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