Tracing Out The Common Bond Between Rock & The Grammys

Tracing out the common bond between Rock n Roll and the Grammys

Whenever we compare two things, we are bound to have some kind of bias among one of them. The very thought of comparing something with others is psychologically attributed to proving its superiority over the other and hence it should be avoided until very necessary. Even if we are unbiased, there has to be some kind of differences that may arise due to the comparison. However, there is also the brighter side of the picture, in which comparison leads to the improvement and betterment of the respective things that are being compared. Comparison between Rock and Roll and the Grammys in this article has been done to explore the music trend of that era and therefore, it is expected to be taken in a constructive manner. 

The Grammys were an outcome of Rock n Roll wave!?

They cannot be any straightforward comparison between rock and roll and the Grammys. A simple reason for that is that the Grammys are award associated the music whereas Rock and Roll is a form of Music. Hence, there is no way you can really compare each other in any shape or form. Although the Grammys are reported to be an outcome to counter the popularity of Rock and Roll genre of music that became popular in the early 50s.

Though there is no particular or concrete evidence to prove this, but it is said that as the Rock and Roll era began in the early fifties and started to pick up by the end of it and the Grammys were organized to during the end of 50s in order to counter their popularity. Now the question arises that why there was a need to do so? The theory says that rock and roll form of music was largely associated with a particular group of people and some of the people were not comfortable with it. Therefore, they wanted something equally popular and strong to counter it. If we look at the history of the Grammys, this theory looks surprisingly interesting, if not accurate.

The common bond

The similarity between rock and roll and the Grammys are much more than their dissimilarities. Both of them are associated with music and music do not have any caste, creed, religion or any other boundary for that matter. The purpose of music is to relax and enjoy and discover an inner peace in ourselves. Now we have to understand that different people have different mentality and hence their temperament and taste for music could be different. Rock music is largely associated with rhythms, fast pace and energy while the Grammy awards are more inclined towards symphonies, melodies and sophisticated lyrics. 

Most of the people who are not a big fan of Rock and Roll music often term it as harsh and loud genre, related to violence and drugs. However, this is not entirely true. The recent rock bands that have evolved from the stereotype Rock and Roll image are some of them are quite spiritual and teetotaler as well! Yes, there are rock bands that have a harsh, on the face and hard-hitting attitude towards life, but there are exceptions as well and they are quite abundant nowadays. 

A new genre of music and musicians is evolving that is gradually decreasing the gap between soft and loud music and this is ultimately what the purpose of the music is all about. Music is meant to unite the hearts of the people. It might have multiple kinds of expressions, sometimes soft and at times super hard, but ultimately it aims at the self realization. We need to understand that this process of self-relation is multidimensional and hence it is bound to have paths that look opposite and contradictory. But at the end of the day, its all one – one music, one god, one truth!

Rock n Roll Vs. The Grammys in the betting world!

The world of betting is equally interested in both Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction as well as the Grammys. The concept of betting makes ample scope for betting in each of these categories of awards. For a better, it is important to have sound knowledge of the subject on which the bet is been made. You cannot simply that on instincts. This might work sometimes as there is not one gambling guide that can be read to become the ultimate better,  but if you want to become a successful better in a long run then you should have solid knowledge and information about the subjects on which you are about to bet. 

You have to analyze all kinds of permutation and combinations and possibilities before placing a bet. You should also be prepared to take risks and most of the bets that have higher bids are for the incidents that are less likely to happen. This art of analyzing and expecting the lesser possible things to happen would ultimately evolve you as a successful better.


We need to understand that everything in this world has a place and the best policy is to manage the resources successfully. The good old theory of ‘everything in place and a place for everything’ would be most suitable here. Therefore, the rock and roll form of music should also be appreciated because it is undisputedly one of the most popular forms of music nowadays. Those who are more inclined towards melodies and meaningful lyrics and slow ballads songs should acknowledge the fact that energetic rhythms and beats are also impactful and effective to take out the negative energy in the most nonviolent manner. 

That being said, sadness and blues are a part of life that needs to be gracefully accepted just like the soft and gentle part of our life. Hence, we can say that the Grammys that are symbolic to peaceful and meaningful music and rock and roll that represents the fast and blues are complementary to each other. Just like we need more positives to neutralize the negative, we sometimes require more of a negative to neutralize the positive effect. This neutrality is the ultimate realization of life, its comprehensiveness, dynamicity and infiniteness.

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