VIDEO PREMIERE: Jack Oats Crank Up The Rock and Roll Feistiness with “Look Good”

Jack Oats is the extroverted manifestation of the singer-songwriter Justin Erion, and he’s a damn rebellious manifestation.

At the surface his devilish content about f#%*ing sh1t up in songs like “Wrecking Machine,” and God forsaking humanity in songs like “Hallelujah,” just get stuck in your head on your way to work in the morning – but when you listen closer, the lyrics are steeped in a haunting starkness, like the soul of a poltergeist looking for the road to salvation, perhaps forgetting for a second he’s a poltergeist. And that trickster, he does always seem to get you to dance.

While his music definitely fits the indie-rock bill, bluegrass elements of the first project Erion played live with, The Skinny Raccoons, peak through. As do the outlaw rock tones of the project Willa Rae and the Minor Arcana, that Erion added guitar, banjo, vocals and some of his songwriting skills on.

Jack Oats (Jack of All Trades) was started as a solo project by Erion, and on May 13th of 2017 he released the EP Unsteady Hands featuring Willa Rae Adamo on the title track. The basement tapes have that gritty tone that stays true to the project but they are raw, like an open heart beating in an operating theater.

Today Glide is offering up an exclusive premiere of the band’s new video for their tune “Look Good”. This video is the visual interpretation of the contrast between, in the band’s words, “who we want to be – and the caricatures we have molded ourselves into.” They set this visual to a soundtrack of feisty, blistering rock and roll music that balances ferocious guitar licks and huge drum fills with edgy yet infectious lyrics and vocals. Punk, soul, blues, and garage rock come together in one swirling caldron of energy that brings the kind of muscle Detroit music has always been known for. “‘Look Good’ is about being your devilish self. We can all behave, we can abide by the rules with perfect posture and present ourselves as the type cast citizens freshly ejected from the mold,” says the band. They add, “We all know there’s good and bad, ‘Look Good’ is the glint in the bombshell’s eye sayin’ ‘Don’t it feel good to be bad?'”



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  1. When you’re really spoiled for great music and you don’t hear much coming out that’s that good, it’s very refreshing to hear something this great! Haven’t heard anything this great and years!

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