VIDEO PREMIERE: Bendigo Fletcher Revel in Friendships and Nature with Warm Indie Folk Tune “Chocolate Garden”

The inflections on Bendigo Fletcher’s Memory Fever are vigilant and carefree; rugged and visual. Reframing adulthood within prisms of comfort and nostalgia, Bendigo Fletcher’s newest EP not only heartens connection between our present and past selves – it fosters a sense of accomplishment in the growing processes that everyone shares.

Today Glide is excited to premiere the band’s new single, “Chocolate Garden”, a song that is deeply rooted in memory, time, and place. Fusing the folkie poetry and acoustic approach of Gillian Welch and the everyman’s lyrical tales of Bruce Springsteen, the song showcases soft-sung librettos and bright-eyed fiddles to create a laid back and charmingly warm ode to springtime. Singer Ryan Anderson’s naturally dreamy vocals allude to the family farm where he and his friends spend their summer nights around a campfire, shooting the shit and driving nails into wood for no reason, and to the days of spring work and animals being born in the woods. With nostalgia-seeped harmonies and emotion, the song beckons the listener to join in the yearning for soft, sunny days, nights of laughter, and a life that revolves around good friendships. The video was recorded on a Hi-8 Sony Handycam, which captures appropriately soothing and even kind of humorous footage of nature and a lone figure dancing in the woods. 


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